About IKU

Iku Wholefood first opened its doors at Glebe in Sydney on the 17th of September 1985

Food affects you mentally, emotionally and physically Iku Wholefood was founded on the premise that if You eat a balanced diet you will have a balanced life

Health on the decline

Many degenerative diseases are often linked to deficiencies in minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids. A massive amount of nutrients are required every day for optimum health. Healthy food is the backbone of good health and development.

Organic wholefood

At Iku our wholefood is prepared as close as possible to its natural state, nutritious ingredients with all their goodness intact. We use organic and high quality local ingredients whenever possible. Food was created perfect in the first place, so why change it!

The power of vegetables

Vegetables, grains and legumes are true super foods. Rich in micronutrients, these foods are packed with a whole host of antioxidants that fight disease and slow the ageing process. They also contain considerable amounts of fibre which helps keep your digestive system healthy, slows blood sugar responses and keeps cholesterol levels in check.

Free From…

Over the years we have seen more and more people become aware of food allergies and intolerances. For that reason, we have always had foods available that are wheat free and gluten free. All our foods are dairy free, additive free, preservative free and free from genetic modification. So feel great, have huge amounts of energy and a strong immune system – simply eat well, be well with Iku Wholefood.

the iku wholefood manifesto

Ken is living proof that the Iku Wholefood approach works. Meet the people behind all this goodness and get to know a little more about Iku Wholefood’s philosophy and the benefits that eating wholefoods can bring into your life. For more videos on wholefoods and healthy eating habits click here.
Iku Wholefood is prepared daily at our central kitchen located in Marrickville, Sydney. By centralising the creation, preparation and the cooking of our menu we are able to ensure the high quality standards Iku customers expect. We use where possible organic and biodynamically grown ingredients all of which are carefully selected and graded in our kitchen. The quality of our food is one of the keys to our success and as such we take great care to ensure we meet the strictest hygiene protocols. We are as proud of our kitchen as we are of our food and would be happy if any of our customers expressed interest in seeing the kitchen in action.

We use only environmentally sound cleaning products and have even gone to the trouble to ensure that all the water we use is naturally filtered.